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worryingly jolly batman

Hi gang, I'm new! Discussion post for this week's episode? Anyone? OK, my ramblings in bullet points after the cut.

- I don't know if it snows in Melb, but I always feel there's something vaguely distasteful about representing winter through snowflakes in, you know, the South Pacific. (I'm from NZ, I care about these things.) But whatever, structured + winter is quite a cool challenge.
- Deb doesn't like tailored? She should, IMO tailored would have looked a hell of a lot better on her than that godawful coat. (However, she was totally right that the coat made her look big and old and I have no idea what Juli was thinking.)
- I bet the Petrova/Helen combination had a lot of you Helen-haters squirming in your seats with the conflict!
- I actually thought the belt on Brent and Orin's design was a bit of Brent's midriff thing - thank god it wasn't, because I find that look utterly revolting (and think his swimwear look was handsdown-hideous, the worst in the bunch, deserved to go go go - so I hate him. Urgh.)
- I really loved Sophie and Leigh's design - I would have loved to see more like this from Sophie during the actual competition. It does seem like there was a lot of Sophie in it and not a lot of Leigh.
- While Lui was the reverse - OK, I actually have no memory of Alison's design aesthetic, but there was a buttload of Lui in that gorgeous piece of art. (Gotta agree, though, totally unwearable off the catwalk. Also, how come they didn't apply the Not Every Woman Can Wear That criticism? Sophie's not stick-thin and that dress looked great on her, whereas I can't imagine anyone with a healthy BMI pulling off the mountains of fabric in Lui's design. Great interpretation of structure, though.)
- OK, OK! The shockers! - well, I was thrilled Petrova came back - her leaving was totally ridiculous and yet reasonably justified by the fact that her piece really didn't fit the collection, so I couldn't get to angry about it - but so glad she's back.
- However, Marc leaving? Absolutely ridiculous. Completely and utterly. And it's not like I think Marc is the next big thing - I liked him a lot in the beginning, but I don't honestly feel we've seen anything interesting, or even good, from him since his amazing pair of togs. And yet - jesus christ, Juli and Deb's "design" was just gross! The skirt and top were unflattering and basically undesigned; the coat didn't suit Deb and was just kinda ugly. At least Marc made several pieces that looked good individually, even if they didn't work cohesively - Juli's design didn't do either. Arrrrrgh! This is as bad as Santino NOT getting booted for that jumpsuit he made for Kara in Season 2. Yep, still carrying the grudge from that.
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