Yelizaveta (majesticarky) wrote in projectrunwayau,

Discussion for episode 3

Watch for spoilers in the comments.
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I'm very pleased with the judges decisions this episode. I completely agreed with everything. I am so happy that Petrova and Marc didn't go home. Those two are in my top 3. I was surprised that Marc's and Oren's outfit ended up looking so poorly constructed. I also am very happy that Bret and his partner won because their outfit looked impeccable and just very awsome!
A fair choice of who was sent home, but I really wish that Wendy Pepper Helen would go away. I had to mute her rants.
yeah that whole drama was completely unnecessary and very stupid. I hope she goes home soon and doesn't make it into the top 3 like her predecessor >_>.
Why is Helen still there?! She has zero creativity.
[ i thought helen should have gone home. her partner saved her ass by not allowing her handbag out onto the catwalk. had the handbag gone before the judges, i imagine (or like to hope, perhaps!) that helen would have gone. ]