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Monday's episode!

Discussion post for monday's episode!

Mark's my forerunner of the competition at the moment, maybe even if it was just for his gravity defying hair, but surprisingly his designs are also really strong. (Of course I'm incredibly biased since I met him before the show began at the AUSNTM live final. He was wearing zebra pants, it was amazing).

I can't believe they took Deborah out, she had the better design frankly and she took a risk, while Helen was both lazy in construction AND had a terrible design. I was so surprised when they said "OUT" because I was sure Helen would go. The random lace bit! The old-lady kaftan in MAUVE. It was just so bad. It would be terrible if Helen just coasted by with mediocre designs which aren't great and isn't bad enough to get out.

Then again I don't see what was 'evening' about Brent's outfit, since you will NOT be allowed into any bar or an RSL wearing board shorts (and presumably, thongs). The bikini was poorly made, I had to tilt my head an wonder what exactly are the judges praising?

What did you guys think?

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